Philipp Gräbel

Philipp Gräbel

Deep Learning Researcher
and Podcaster

About me

Hi, I’m Philipp Gräbel – also known as teubi.

I’m a research assistant at the RWTH Aachen University, trying to find solutions for the automated analysis of bone marrow microscope images using Deep Learning.

I host the Nussschale Podcast in which I explain scientific concepts, engineering feats and technological mircacles in a nutshell! You might have heard my voice in several other podcast productions or seen me online as teubi.



Hands-on Machine Learning Training: A Deep Learning Course!


My podcast about science and technology. Every ten days, ten minutes long. In German.


Deep Learning for Automated Haematological Analysis of Bone Marrow Whole Slide Images.

TEDx RWTH Aachen

An independently organized local TEDx Event in Aachen!


Some of the podcasts that invited me as a guest!


Me explaining the concept of energy to Adrian and Max.

Das Ach (Bonus)

I let the folks from ‘Das Ach’ podcast guess science guys. Also listen to the the next episode for the second part.


Me as a guest in Michi Voth’s Nachgefragt Podcast. Topic: Deep Learning.


Introduction to Deep Learning